There are many filters to choose from. Which one(s) should you choose?

Choosing Filtration

If water quality tests are indicating that your kitchen tap is completely clean, great! Nonetheless, periodic testing is advisable, as the water sources and treatment methods chosen by water management departments can change over time. To have longer term insurance of your water’s purity, consider the under-sink systems. They aren’t very expensive. Sink faucet-mounted filters are easy to service to replace filters, but they can be a nuisance in the way, and can actually collect bacteria.

Reverse osmosis (RO)  is highly regarded for delivering the most purified water, completely removing all sediment, bacteria and many harmful chemicals. There are many who don’t like the water becoming too pure, as important minerals are also removed. Read about the positives and the negatives.

For emergency preparedness kits, consider portable filters, sterilizer pens, or tablets. Consider that filters can clog and the pens have batteries that need periodic replacement. Tablets can last for ~5 years and pack tightly.