Reusable Water Bottles

There are so many reusable water bottles to choose, where to begin finding that favorite you can take to your desk every day, or take into the field, or give as a gift?

Here’s an article that may help you select one or more reusable water bottles!

We do have some favorites. Nalgene manufactures plastic water bottles and other products that have been in laboratories for many years, where it is critical to have the lowest levels of chemicals that can leach into the vessel contents. For the most popular for being clean, here’s the selection from Nalgene, our favorite.

We also love these water bottles made by Specialized, well known by the bicycle riders. We like them more than all other biking water bottles. The mouthpiece fits nicely in the mouth, the walls have an nice flexibility for squeezing out liquid, and its Purist are the best for fighting bad taste and mold.