We are dedicated to helping people find clean water. To get there we also want to find a way to dramatically reduce plastic waste, especially single-use plastic water bottles.

Here’s one solution that could make a huge difference and it’s very simple: Because so many people are unsure about the quality of the water they drink (68%), they purchase water, mostly in disposable plastic bottles.

But what if their kitchen faucet already delivers clean or cleaner water? The majority of Americans do not know what’s in their water.

And what if they could easily and inexpensively test it?

So we want to help you figure it out, first by showing how to simply test that water in your own home, prove it’s clean, then use refillable bottles.

We’ve taken the first step, by describing simple water testing procedures, showing various commercially-available test kits, helping select one.

We wish all who visit this site discover the best experience, and then make progress towards achieving better health, saving money by not buying water, and consequently helping protect the environment and the earth.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to let us know what else we can offer, what we’re doing right, or what we can improve on.

Thank you.

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